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Discussion in 'iPad' started by tl01, Jun 25, 2017.

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    My new iPad is for my business. We do have a cpa so I will ask him this question directly too, but I'm just curious what other people do. I was reading online that to write off the iPad 100 percent..I would have to use it for the business 100 percent. No movies or FB etc. What if you are traveling for business and don't want to bring another device for media consumption that you are only doing because you are traveling. I wouldn't be watching the movie on the plane if I was at home...as I watch almost no movies in my daily life. Really seems ridiculous to be so picky! Do you really bring a second device? Just write off less of the iPad?
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    It's admirable that you are worried about watching a movie in flight using a device designated for business. I have yet to be audited and asked to present my devices for inspection just so the IRS can verify their status. I'd like to hear about it if anyone has.

    I have a home office, and sometimes take a break to play guitar or listen to music in my office. I really don't think I am breaking any rules that would jeopardize my tax write off.

    I have written off computers, cameras, iPads, and even a TV for business use. I never recalled having to provide proof of business use.
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    I'm a corporate CPA, but don't do taxes, so you'll need to verify this with your CPA, but from what I know you can deduct the entire cost of the iPad if more than 50% is used for business. If you have any monthly costs associated with it like cellular service than you can deduct only the portion of the cellular service thats associated with your business.
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    I am an accountant who prepares business and personal returns. Think of this - how many computers in offices are not used exclusively for business purposes and are still fully written off as expenses or assets?
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    You'll be completely fine writing it off for business purposes. I regularly prepare returns for people who write off MacBooks, iPads, and even expense iCloud storage. Like Pspressary said, its identical to capitalizing computer assets people have used for decades in corporate offices. The IRS won't be tapping your internet traffic to see if you sneak a Netflix show or two in there :)
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    Oh good. I didn't imagine the IRS was so detail oriented...but the article I read left me surprised! I bought the device solely for the business and data is just for the business too so I plan to deduct etc fully. But like I said, when traveling I might want to watch a movie at night when I have nothing else to be bc I am away from my family. We are required to have at least two tablets for field use etc. I had never heard of the IRS checking how the device was actually used, but you never know. Thanks all!

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