iPad to have educational pricing?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by knemonic, Feb 23, 2010.

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    Q: How will you sell the iPad?
    A: We'll start with Apple's direct channels, such as online, retail, education, etc. We'll also pursue indirect sales channels like Best Buy's store-in-a-store concepts. Internationally, we have a very good premium reseller program that we'll also use. Over time, sales channels will expand.

    From the front page, Cook talks about channels for iPad sales. I know it is speculation but it makes me curious does he mean that they are channeling the iPad as a educational discount item for students? Like the Macbook Pros?

    If they're gearing it towards education, as in text books, then they will end up selling more at a discount to boost revenue in textbook sales.

    I can also say as a grad student, I would love it if all my classes used the iPad. When we are done with our homework, we can send it to their email accounts then they can view our homework on their iPad. No more paper. Also, alot of my teachers send PDFs as reading homework, the iPad would be really nice for this and a discount will justify the purchase even more.

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    All he is saying is that they are selling it through all of their normal channels: in Apple stores, on the Apple website, and through their partnerships with educational institutions. They do the same thing with iPods, which have no edu discount. What Tim said means nothing about an edu discount one way or another.

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