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    Just waiting for my iPad, in the meantime I have a few questions I cant seem to find an answer to. If there is somewhere I missed that answers these, feel free to point me there also. In italics I ahve put what I think the answer is to my questions, but I'm not 100% about any of them.

    1. Can I choose which iPhoto events gets synced? I believe yes.
    2. Can I chose which photos in an event get synced? I believe no.
    3. Can I choose to have smaller native iPad resolution photos sent to the iPad to save on space? Unsure but I'm guessing no
    4. Can I sync, and then delete unwanted photos on the iPad? Pretty sure that's a no, which is kind of sucky if that's correct

    If the answer to 2 or 4 is "no" whats the workaround? Create another event in iPhoto with the subset from an event that I want? Or export the subset I want to an SD card and import from there? A third party app?

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    I have the same questions...hoping someone will respond. I have the iPad 1 and am a relatively new Mac user; switched from PC last October and don't deal with photos very often so this is a new frontier for me. I know how to load photos from my camera to iPhoto on the iMac, but do NOT know, and really WANT to know, how to copy a photo album from the iMac to the iPad. Do not want to transfer entire iPhoto library. Just one album. Help?:confused:
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    What do you mean by "iPhoto event"?

    You can choose to sync zero thru all photos to your iPad.
    Photos are automatically optimized during syncing to your iPad.
    You can't delete photos on your iPad except from the "Saved Photos" album. All other photos are removed by telling iTunes not to sync them.

    Hope this helps.

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