ipad un jailbreak bug?


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Oct 30, 2019
My ipad (5th gen 2017) kept rebooting randomly when jailbroken on ios 12.4 with uncover, so I restored and updated it to ios 13.2. The bug is still happening, is it because I didn't resore rootFS on the uncover app before removing my jailbreak? I talked to apple support about just the crashes on ios 13 and he told me to buy a new ipad cause I have a logic board issue, but I only faced this bug after I jailbroke, but of course I didn't mention that lol. Also checked diagnostics, it says i have bug type 210. Appreciate any suggestions.
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Aug 31, 2011
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Barring any hardware faults, there is a proper way to unjailbreak and a non-proper way. Simply restoring and updating is the non-proper way.

I would have used rootFS to unjailbreak. Of course now you can't.

The advice at this point is usually to restore/upgrade as NEW. I.e., do not restore from a backup. This eliminates any potential jailbreak files in the backup from messing things up.

However, I'd be a hypocrite in suggesting that considering that I've moved off an iOS 11 and iOS 12 jailbreak on my iPad differently. So, here's an option to try.

Put your iPad in DFU Mode, upgrade, restore as new. THEN, restore from a current backup. This is how I have always done upgrades from jailbroken firmware and the two times I've done it now on semi-untethered jailbreaks I haven't had a problem.