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  1. LuthersBoots macrumors member

    Nov 12, 2010
    Lake District, Cumbria UK
    Morning all, I dont have an iPad yet. I am looking to make the leap soon. I have an iPhone 4, Powerbook, a Mac Pro and an ATV2.
    I want an ipad for browsing the web on the couch, showing photos to my daughter and friends, adding photos to Facebook e.t.c but am on a budget for a while!

    Anyways, I seem to be able to pick up a 1st gen ipad for around £250-300 in the UK. I can stretch to that but could not justify close to £500 for the 2...unless I REALLY REALLY Should.

    It seems to me that the specs are not too different. Sure facetime on the ipad would be nice, speed improvements e.t.c
    But as a first ipad that i could probably upgrade to the iPad 3 and give to my daughter, I dont really see too much of a downside.
    My main query was in relation to ios5. I have it on my iphone and i am enjoying the benefits. What are the forthcoming limitations to owning a ipad1 under the new operating software.
    All I can see at the moment is Airplay Mirroring wont be supported...is that all?
    I look forward to your replies.
    LB :apple:
  2. CountBrass macrumors regular

    Mar 17, 2009
    If you can get a 1st gen iPad for significantly less than an iPad2 then I would buy the 1st gen.

    For most apps you won't notice any difference- especially for what you're intending to do.

    I did upgrade from the iPad to iPad2 but 95% of the reason for that was to get 3g (my 1st gen was wifi-only and I had intended to use a myfi puck to share 3g access across devices but that is just a fag).

    However- Apple does stop supporting devices and so at some point in the future Apple will start releasing versions of ios that cannot be installed on the first gen machine (it will also happen for the 2nd gen at some point of course but that will be later).

    Also some apps -very, very few at the moment- will only run on the 2nd generation iPad.

    So, if you can get an 1st gen for around half the price of an equivalent 2nd gen then I'd buy the 1st gen. If the price difference is narrower I'd go for a 2nd gen (plus you'll have a warranty).
  3. LuthersBoots thread starter macrumors member

    Nov 12, 2010
    Lake District, Cumbria UK
    Cool. Yeah I thought that was the case. I can get one for about 1/2 price so that'll be my best option I guess.
    Cheers for the reply.

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