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Discussion in 'iPad' started by asianjabba, Nov 13, 2013.

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    so i ordered an ipad air from the at&t website. When it came to ordering the plans, i didn't choose minutes, and they had an unlimited plan for $15.00. so I chose it. now that my ipad air has arrived, i'm trying to activiate it but it's not activating. so i talk to someone on at&t chat and she told me that my ipad is on a 'non smartphone unlimited data plan'. i need to change it to an ipad data plan. I thought i was getting an unlimited data plan that's the only reason i got the ipad. if they switch me to an ipad plan, will i lose my unlimited data? has anybody ever had this happen to them before? if they force me into a data plan then i'm just going to have to return the air, as much as i don't want to. if anybody has any tips or ideas, please share them. thank you!
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    I got my first original iPad through ATT and back then you could choose a limited plan for $14.99 per month or until you ran out of data. The other choice was unlimited for $29.99 per month with auto renewal. There was no signed contract just an evergreen renewal. I've been able to keep this ongoing to the iPad 3 and now the Air.

    If you've always had this, you should be able to keep it being grandfathered in. However, I'm not aware that this unlimited plan is available to new customers.
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    There is no longer unlimited data plans for AT&T. It has been this way for a few years now. What I'd suggest is if you really want a cellular iPad on a cost-effective plan, take a look at T-Mobile's. Also, check T-Mobile coverage in your area before purchasing. If your heart is set on AT&T, I'm'll have to deal with their mobile internet plan prices and unfortunately, that no longer includes unlimited data.

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