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    First, I apologize if there's a thread for this elsewhere on the forum. I didn't know where to post so I decided to post here. I recently got my ipad mini retina display. I did all the normal set up...ok this is where it doesn't make sense here. I went to setting and turn on wifi. The wifi pick up my home network and as I click on it, i input the password. So I assume its ok now I'll be able to get on wifi with no problem. Sadly that is not the case. My home network keep loading and loading and it won't connect to my home network. Can someone please explain to me why is this happening!? :(
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    First, do you have other devices that have successfully connected?

    If so, are they connected now? If they are, have one disconnect and then see if the pad will connect.

    You might also try restarting the router. Remove power to the router by unplugging it for sixty seconds.

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