iPad with Multiple Users


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May 4, 2006
Just ordered my first iPad and I'm very excited (Black 32GB 4G). But what I want to know for current iPad users, is how to manage when more than 1 person regularly uses the same iPad?

I plan on both my wife and I using our new iPad. There's items like Mail and iMessage, etc. I would think that the best solution would be to set up multiple users with the app and then when clicking the app you select the user and enter a quick pin, but I'm sure it doesn't work like that.

so what do other people do now? Solutions, ideas?


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Jun 23, 2010
iPad is designed to be a single user device. There really are no allowances for multiple users anywhere in IOS.


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Apr 15, 2010
As already pointed out, the iPad is meant to have a single Apple ID attached to it. That Apple ID controls your access to the App Store, iPad store, iBooks store, etc. 1 device = 1 'official' user ID.

You can certainly set up multiple email addresses on it....as many as you'd like. And when using the email app to reply to people, choose which email account to "Send" from. But otherwise, you are just sharing the same iPad with the same content. No multi-user capabilities/profiles in iOS at all.

Pity really....would be nice to have such a feature.