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Dec 20, 2009
Bc Canada
Hardware is definitely gone ahead of software in terms of capability the last couple years now. That’s why they can put a 2 year old processor in the basic iPad and it flies along like new
Nope, iPad 2nd gen had A5 cpu and 512mb ram, iPad 3rd gen had A5X cpu and 1gb ram
Good to know, thought I read somewhere that why the 3rd gen was considered a flop for iPads was because of the huge resolution jump but didn’t bump up the processor to go with it
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Aug 14, 2010
Fort Worth, TX
I kinda expected low turnout for current users. I love mine still, though I think my being a collector of old apple gear (as well as old android and PC stuff) puts things into perspecrive for me. The iPad does great compared to a quadra 840av from 1993. ;)

I had an 840 AV: I loved that machine!

My wife still has her retina iPad 3: it’s very slow, and it has some issues now.


Nov 28, 2018
Curious to see who still has what has what is almost universally the least future proof iPads ever built. Even with the 10.5 and 11 inch iPad Pro in circulation here at my home, the 3 is proving to be a robust, and still useful device for us. Even now, I find myself typing many responses to Macrumors threads on mine, and find it reasonably quick for what it is.

It was my first iPad, and I learned to touch type on this nearly as fast as on a standard keyboard, which I find odd, as I am a classic Apple keyboard fan, and dislike most of the newer chicklet keyboards as a rule. It was my only iPad until I purchased a 2nd hand air 2 shortly before I replaced that with the iPad Pro 9.7.

Great uses for me
  • Netflix viewing in my kitchen (AirPlay audio to homepod)
  • Kitchen music ( homepod )
  • VLC videos
  • Simple browsing
  • Picture frame
  • Kitchen browser for food recipes and websites.
  • Classic iOS 32 bit games.
It’s definitely the worst device ever (if it’s running iOS 9.3.5) because of how slow and clunky it is.

plucky duck

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Jan 5, 2012
The iPad 3 is my 1st and only iPad to date. The retina display at the time was a huge jump from the previous generation. On its release IOS at the time it didn't feel slow in Safari, but as the IOS updates came, and now sitting on 9.3.5 I believe it's pretty much unusable and has been sitting untouched for the last couple of 2-3yrs.

Contemplating going all out on an iPad Pro 11" or the Mini 5 LTE.


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May 6, 2013
It was my first and only iPad until I upgraded to the Mini 5 about 2 weeks ago.

Usable but frustrating. To read some articles, I had to use my phone as they just wouldn’t load. DailyMotion videos wouldn’t play either while YouTube ones would.

I gave it to a relative and tried to get them some apps via downloading to their Apple ID and trying to get the older version to download onto the iPad. It wouldn’t work, even though the older versions were still working fine for me until I wiped my data off of the iPad.

I regret getting Cellular on it. It was used, but probably not enough given the bulk of the device which became more noticeable over the last few years. And the lack of 4G was one of the things bodged in that release I believe.


Oct 12, 2015
Oh man... iPad 3 was my first iPad ever. I was so exicited with the iPad 3, so i was literally skipped my entire day of class and purchased one as soon as it was on Apple Store. I remembered that i have to take one and half hour bus ride from my University to the nearest Apple Store.

Oh boy, that was a mistake. Not only Apple decided to kill of this thing half years later, but also the update literally killed the iPad 3. It could not keep up with the iOS update and it was slow to a point i could not use it at all.

I got ride of iPad 3 as soon as I got on hand with an iPad 4.
Mine is my daily driver. I use it more than my new iPhone 8 and mucch more than my main computer, the MacBook Pro 13 2010. If I didn't have the iPad, I'd be much less mobile with my documents and keeping up to date.

Only in the last few weeks has it started to make me wonder if the battery is going. The screen and everything else are in perfect shape. My second biggest issue is that it can't go past iOS 9.3. I'm starting to feel out of touch with what the newer iOS features can do.

Not sure how can you bear with the slowness with the iPad 3. iPad was so slow after iOS 8, it was just not useable anymore.


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Jan 24, 2019
Man consumers seriously demand a lot of years out of a iPad lol. Incredible!

I wonder how long people will use top of the heap iPad pros for? Maybe 6 or 7 years?
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