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    Sep 22, 2015
    So I'm googling and reading and googling and reading and I'm yet to find a good response to my question.
    (Granted there might only be a good few people who actually have the answer I seek..)

    So I'm using Ubuntu, Linux on my computer and I have VirtualBox with Windows XP.
    I own an iPhone that I mostly use as a phone and not to listen to music or watch movies on, but now I WANT AN iPad! However the main purpose of my new iPad would be to carry my music and movies with me.
    Now my issue is: Ubuntu and my little box with Windows XP are both having a hard time making iTunes work (and I hate it anyway) plus some of the solutions for PC doesn't work in Windows XP since it requires a newer OS version. So I need some straight answers about how to put my music and movies on the device without using it. And then let me know how to PLAY those files. (Best option so far: Dropbox. Takes some time and effort and I'm still not sure how to play the files - I'm new to this limited world of Apple!)
    Reading about jailbreaking didn't really open a whole new world of opportunities to me but I'm open to it if that's the way to go. (in that case, explain to me why)

    I hope some of you have a good response to give :) Don't make me buy a Samsung pad...
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