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    Dec 2, 2014
    I have a jailbroken iPad 2 running iOS 7.1 2 but it seems to have a problem that it can't be charged. I've tried with lots if different adapters and wires but it just won't charge. When the iPad is dead, I plug it in to a wall adapter and it turned on by showing the apple logo. But when on the lock screen it does not charge. I tried all of the wires and adapters and it works just fine on my iphone, but not my ipad. Please help me ASAP. Thanks.
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    f you damaged your iPad because of a jailbreak you are screwed and hopefully you learned your lesson

    remove your jail break and maybe take your iPad back for repair

    now , you need to understand that an iPad requires 10.5 watts to charge. it won't charge with regular usb ports on windows pcs, it won't charge with the stock usb chargers that you get with an iPhone.

    it requires the actual iPad charger. if you are sure that your actual iPad charger is okay. then you are screwed.

    my iPad charger actually did die on me.. and i had to replace it. under warranty from apple

    fyi the iPad requires 5 V usb at 2150 ma to charge with its screen on.

    usb 2 is only 500 and usb 3 is only 900

    if you have a mac since 2010, it should of charged it
    so your back to square one, you are screwed for jail breaking it

    dfu ipad
    restore to 8.1.1 to remove jail break
    if it still won't charge pay apple $99 to fix it
    whatever you do , do not bring a jail broken iOS device to an apple store

    i think its theoretically possible that your jail break caused the li-on battery to go to absolute 0 and that is what killed your battery.
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    Dec 2, 2014
    My iPad has been jailbroken for years and it works just like a normal iPad except I tweaked the iPads homescreen to change from page to page the other way. The tweak I used is a trusted one and the jailbreak has a safemode which will disable all the jailbreak stuff if something goes wrong. Back to the top, Yes I am using my iPad charger with the big adapter to a wall mount. But the thing is, it doesn't make any sound of charging and the battery logo does not change at all. I leave the iPad for 6 hours and the battery rise up to 8%. Can you please explain about the usb 2 and usb 3? I don't understand which one is which one. Thanks
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    i think it's theoretically possible you have no clue what you're talking about lol about the biggest bs i've ever read on here

    jailbreaking has absolutely nothing to do with the battery, charge port or anything hardware wise. period
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    Dec 2, 2014
    Yup you're right..
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    Dec 2, 2014
    Hey! Good news here! I just discovered that the iPad will charge only if it's dead.. Wow now what is goin on here..
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    lithium ion batteries have chips in them that prevent the battery pack from going too low. i was saying that it was theoretically possible for a jailbreak to damage a battery simply because it ran it too low . maybe caused by lots of cpu usage. or draining the battery too low.

    or maybe you just ran too many charging cycles or it got really cold

    who cares, pay the $79

    the reason to remove the jail break is so you can get your iPad fixed.

    if you want to read more about lithium ion battery sudden death please see the following websites

    Li-ion should never be discharged too low, and there are several safeguards to prevent this from happening. The equipment cuts off when the battery discharges to about 3.0V/cell, stopping the current flow. If the discharge continues to about 2.70V/cell or lower, the battery’s protection circuit puts the battery into a sleep mode. This renders the pack unserviceable and a recharge with most chargers is not possible. To prevent a battery from falling asleep, apply a partial charge before a long storage period.


    Tip #2: Avoid allowing your device to discharge completely
    Every wondered why your modern phone, PDA or iPod is able to cheerfully tell you that “Your battery is now exhausted” for several seconds on its brightly-lid LCD screen before switching off? The reason is simple; there is an artificial circuit that shuts off the device when the charge in the battery is too low.
    This extraneous circuit is built to protect from the damage that could result if the charge of your lithium ion battery falls too low. If you still don’t get it: if the charge of your lithium ion battery falls too low, the battery can get irreversibly and permanently damaged. So since Lithium Ion has no “memory effect”, it is better to simply charge your portable device as and when you can or remember.
    To set your mind at ease, a “charge cycle” means a single iteration of depleting followed by a re-charge until 100% of battery charge. If you consume 50% of your iPod’s battery on day 1, recharge to 100% at night, and do the same thing on day 2, then you would have just finished up one charge cycle of its battery life.


    connect ipad to a mac. i would say mid 2010 or later would be a safe bet

    as i repeated before a regular computer's USB PORT WILL NOT CHARGE AN IPAD WITH ITS SCREEN ON

    connect ipad to mac usb port

    click on the apple
    click on about the mac
    click on system report
    on the side you will see usb
    click on usb

    you will see a screen like this in the attachment
    the mac is sending 2100 ma to the iPad. this is the energy necessary to charge an iPad

    if you see 500 + 1600 extra operating current being sent to your iPad and it still won't charge YOU ARE SCREWED

    if you are screwed, remove jail break. take it back to the apple store and pay $79 for a new battery or pray they give you a new one for free

    iit will say if its usb 3 or 2 also

    you need to understand, when apple made the iPhone and iPad and released it to the public the knew that computer's stock usb ports were to wussy to charge their gadgets. this is why macs were made specifically with extra current in their usb ports to charge these devices.

    you guys got used to the 2100 ma in a mac, and forgot that the iPad needs 2100 ma to charge

    to white4s



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    iphone 6 also uses 500+1500
    iphone 5 uses 500+500
    iphone 3GS = 500 + 500
    ipod 4th gen = 500 + 500

    when in doubt if an iPad or an iPhone is charging, DO NOT CONNECT IT TO A STOCK USB PORT its not going to tell you anything. its not going to charge at all UNLESS THE DEVICE IS TURNED OFF COMPLETELY
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    Jun 11, 2009
    here is another example about how removing the jail break and bringing your iPad into the genius bar and praying to your god works

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