iPad1 on ATT vs. iPad2 on VZW

Discussion in 'iPad' started by Eldiablojoe, Mar 12, 2011.

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    I was surprised at the results. With recent reports about ATT's data being so much faster than VZW's on the iPhone, I didn't expect VZW to pretty much smoke ATT on downloading web content on Safari. Both running iOS 4.3, in response to vajeff's inquiry. I had similar noticeable speed results in another area 10 miles from the area from where this video was filmed. I'm not saying this is technical at all, this is just my practical user experience:

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    Doesn't show much. The vzw tower might have less load or the AT&T tower might just not be up to spec compared to other towers.

    It breaks down to who has better coverage in your area and how many customers use which ever service. For example I have full service in one part of town but there are so many AT&T users that data is slow. But that same area has NO vzw coverage.
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    And the AT&T is a 1 and VZN is a 2. The 2 has more processing power and RAM (suspected more RAM) than the 1 that will help render faster pages.

    Also, has that 1 in the video been updated to 4.3?

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