IPad1 sync issues help!

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    Posting for my sister. She syncs her Ipod and its fine, she syncs her Ipad and alot of songs and videos wont go on, she's done constant sync all week after worj an still no joy. Shes even tried a total restore to factor and still things are missing.

    Both Ipod and Ipad are on IOS5.

    This has happened to my iphone4 on ios5 but a couple of syncs and it generally picks up the missing items. Her Ipad doesnt.

    Any ideas?:confused::confused::confused:
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    Jun 24, 2008
    Similar Struggles...

    I've experienced the same issues... I'll give a bit more detail though.

    Trying to Sync new movies to my iPad and 3 newly purchased movies give me an error message during Sync. Each time it says:

    "Some of the items in iTunes library, including (Movie Title), were not copied to the iPad "(iPad Name)" because you are not authorized for them on this computer."

    - Movies play on my MacBook (main computer)
    - Movies are stored on external HD mapped for iTunes Media folder location in Preferences
    - Movies tab in Sync is checked to "Sync Movies"
    - Movies I'm attempting to Sync are checked
    - I've deauthorized & authorized the computer at least 5 times (clicked on same Movies to make sure they played on MacBook, which they did)
    - I've checked all username and password settings as well as all my payment info
    - I've searched "discussion community" for answers and have not found anything

    Nothing is working... very frustrated.
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    I think I have the answer

    My step daughter had made some photo's of some pages of various apps, and this may have caused the problem. Even tho, the message was something like iPad cannot sync as the sync has timed out, I tried this and it worked.

    I found this on another thread.

    1) close iTunes

    2) from the finder, click on Pictures, then right click (Control +Click) iphoto library and choose "Show package contens"

    3) delete the folder iPod phtoto Cache

    4) restart iTunes

    It will ask you if you want to keep the photos on your iPad, I clicked yes, and then it started to sync, including all the apps, that were not syncing before.

    MAKE SURE you have a back up of your photos in iPhoto before you do this, as I am not sure what the result would be, you may lose some photos, if they were only on your iPad before hand, if you don't. Although in my case the Cache completely restored itself.

    Good Luck!

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