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    Basically long story but I need to get windows OS to work on my Ipad. I had a buddy who got windows on an old school G4 and he also put windows os mobile on his Iphone but he seems pretty stumped about the Ipad. Anyone know how to do this?
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    Getting Windows to run on a G4 (effectively) is quite a trick, as it's a completely different processor, so would have to run entirely in emulation, making it painfully slow on a G4.
    God knows how you get Windows Mobile on an iPhone -- again, completely different processors.

    The iPad is on Apple's A-series of chips, which is a system on a chip, but based on an ARM Cortex A8, which Windows ARM version is supposed to run on. So, it's technically possible, if not easy.

    But iPads are really just big iPhones, so if he did get Windows to work on an iPhone, I can't see him being stumped by an iPad, given that he is pretty amazing to have achieved what you claim.

    Can I ask: what is it particularly that you "need" Windows for on an iPad, and might there not be an alternative way of achieving your higher goal?
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    Hey thnx, yea the problem is I need to be able to edit text documents (spreadsheets from excel and some word docs) but I don't have Windows. I figured being able to get Windows on the G4 I can put it on the Ipad and then use the Ipad for work and my own personal uses.
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