iPad's Calendar Disappoints for online billpay.

Discussion in 'iPad' started by franciscoglz, Apr 3, 2010.

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    Apr 3, 2010
    Hello cult!

    Like many, I have anxiously waited for the iPad release before making the Love it or Hate it stand. I loved the device, I understand that this device is not a notebook nor netbook. It is something very different, a device with a 10+ hour battery life and a fair price for the level, quality and technology. I only had one disappointment! and no! I do not care for the camera. an iPad Pro with built-in iSight/Camera @ $999.00 maybe in the future I would imagine. I would not pay a premium for that "I do not video conference".

    My only disappointment thus far is iPads iCal or the apple "Calendar" App.
    And only one flaw really. The Calendar app is great, yet I really loved the setup I have on my Mac. I like many have dozens of payments to do online. And on my iCal app I have the ability to add a "Link" to the website like Chase, my mortgage website, etc. I open my calendar click on the payments and click the "Go To Link " option. !!!

    I was not able to do this on the iPad's Calendar. I wonder if I am able to do it on my iCal app and export or sync to the iPad. The question is. will I be able to click on the calendars notes and click the LINK???????

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