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    I work for a large company where we are considering providing our student employees with iPads to help with the delivery of and interaction with classroom training material. The current thinking is that the iPads would remain in the classroom, all printed training material would be placed on the iPad in pdf format for easy access and referral (pdf files would be provided on a company shared drive for access later). We are also thinking of looking into some customized app development to allow students to access all of this info easily and interact with the trainer from the iPad - possibly manipulating and zooming in on 3D images, pointing/highlighting certain areas for discussion, etc. We would also like to use it to provide various evaluations (for example like a course evaluation) that we could then access, tabulate and report back on. The trainer would also have an iPad that they would drive the training session from to allow them to be less restricted and not have to stand at the front of the class all the time. They would be free to continue to drive the training from wherever they are in the room as they roam around helping individuals. We would also like it to interact with SmartBoard technology located within the training rooms.

    Has anyone else out there done any of these things? What's worked, what didn't work? Any other ideas for ways in which it could be utilized by trainers and employee students to help justify the cost of this solution?

    I would appreciate anyone's input and thoughts on this subject. Thanks.
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    Wow. Dead. Crickets... Tumbleweed.... Is there nobody out there that can comment on their experience with the subject of this thread?
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    Hi, I only just saw your thread.

    I am a teacher in a elementary school, who has been experimenting with the use of an ipad + apple tv in my classroom (and recently upgraded to a macbook running air server). While this setting is different from yours, your stated scenario seems similar enough to mine that I hope my experiences can be of help to you.

    First, you can connect an apple tv to a projector in the room, then mirror your ipad or macbook to the screen via airplay mirroring. This would allow you to manipulate the presentation on the screen from your ipad, while still being able to circulate around the room and monitor or assist your pupils as necessary. This works best if your company has HDMI projectors.

    Alternatively, you can also mirror your ipad to your laptop's screen via airserver app. My reason for switching to this is because my classroom this year used vga projectors with a max resolution of 800x600, resulting in my projection being comically small.

    I don't think ipads are compatible with IWB technology, though I find that with existing whiteboard apps, you don't really have a need for them.

    For collecting feedback, any normal google form will do. There should be other form-filling apps as well, just search around. You can also consider socrative.com to carry out quizzes to test their understanding (useful as it allows real-time polling of results), and screencasting software like educreations to record your own lessons. The advantage here would be that it allows you to instantaneously get a sensing of how well they have learnt the material. You can then continue or review it as appropriate.

    From experience though, reading from a pdf will take some getting used to. For example, I find it more cumbersome to quickly refer to an earlier page on a tablet compared to actual hardcopies, though it is definitely less bulky than a thick folder of notes.

    Cost justifications - you already have IWB technology, but I suppose that you can argue that you don't have to upgrade it. The idea is that an apple tv + ipad is way cheaper than a high-end smartboard.

    I am stopping here as I don't want to flood you with possibly irrelevant details. I would be pleased to help field any further enquires you may have. Just tell me what you would like to know further and I will help out the best I can. What exactly your company does would be helpful as well, if you are comfortable with sharing it. :)
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