IPhone 1.1.4 on Orange to 2.1


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Sep 15, 2008
Hello all,

I've had a good look on this forum but cannot find the answer - it may be there - but . . .

My wife has an iPhone (which she loves and I don't want a divorce) that is running firmware 1.1.4 on the Orange network. It was unlocked and jailbroken with ZiPhone.

I would love to update it to 2.1 but obviously want to continue running on the Orange network.

I'm operating on a MAC and iTunes 8.

Can I do a straight upgrade from iTunes to get the software up to date without disabling the Orange carrier?

I'm not worried about losing the additional iPhone Apps as there's enough available on iTunes - just don't want to lose the Orange network.

What ae my options please? - and if it's a hack - what's the idiot-proof guide please?



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Nov 16, 2006
I was on 1.1.4 which was jailbroken/unlocked using ziphone using an orange payg sim

I have upgraded to 2.1 using pwnagetool with no problems - all is working fine. Just follow the instructions :)