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Dec 5, 2007
I have no idea where to begin to ask so hopefully one of you all have seen this happen and can help me figure this out.. I have my Google account configured to use my phone to sign in. Everything I read is that on iPhones with Face ID the iPhone should use Face ID to validate that I'm logging in via a prompt on my iPhone, seeing that it's my face, and then logging me in. When I used an iPhone X this worked as expected. But now with my iPhone 11 I'm always prompted to enter my PIN code, and not use FaceID.. I've tried signing out of Google accounts on my iPhone in settings, removing the "User your phone to sign in" and deleting all google apps from my phone, restarting, and signing back in and reconfiguring the features. Same thing happens.. PIN code prompt - no FaceID prompt.

Did Google disable this function in GMail? Anyone seen this before?


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Did Google disable this function in GMail? Anyone seen this before?

I'm working for a Google Partner who sell's G Suite, I can assure you that Google has introduced a new additional way to logon into Gmail / G Suite using 2 Step Verification procedure. But all other procedures like "Top to Login", "Text Message" or even "Google Authenticator App" are working.

Still using Face ID to enter your Password saved on your device should work, either using the Google Mail App or the Browser.

Are you using Safari or Chrome on your Device?
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