iPhone 11 Pro Max camera malfunction despite repairs


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Sep 27, 2012
New Zealand
Hi all

My phone started taking blurry photos, now when using the 1x camera, the image in the camera app sort of jiggles frantically or shakes continuously, as though the OIS has gone nuts, and you can feel the camera vibrating. The part visible above and below in the camera app, the 'capture beyond the frame' don't line up or jiggle or continuously try to focus and fail. Photos and video are unusable. The 2x camera just gives up on focussing entirely.

This problem appears to be widespread as I've now seen a number of people with the issue and the phones at the store seem to have the same problem. This is my main camera now and it's utterly unusable.

What makes matters much worse is I took it back to the Vodafone shop where I got it and they sent it off, it came back with the camera module replaced which did NOT fix the issue, so I took it in again and AGAIN they replaced the camera module and AGAIN it's unusable. Three weeks over summer now that I don't have my main camera and I'm pulling my hair out at this point.

Does anyone have experience with this issue? If I somehow get it replaced instead of repaired is the new phone going to sh*t itself as well? Should I ditch it and go Android as a last resort?
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