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Apr 12, 2014
Atlanta / Los Angeles
So I’m in my room, all the lights are off and for whatever reason I decided to test the flashlight to see how powerful it was compared to last years’ iPhone.

The flashlight on my midnight green iPhone seems to have a very noticeable green hue. I’m assuming it’s reflecting the green from the glass of the camera bump.

It also seems a tad less powerful than the XS, even when adjusting the intensity to the maximum value.

Not a huge issue, mostly a weird quirk I thought I’d share.

Has anyone else tried this?

EDIT: I have the black Apple leather case on at the moment.


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Aug 29, 2017
On my Ipad Pro 10.5´and Iphone X, the flashlight is much brighter at maximum values than on the Iphone 11 pro. But photos in absolute darkness are brighter clear and high-quality are obtained on the Iphone 11 pro.
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