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Oct 14, 2023
I need to unlock my phone to install an eSIM for a trip to France. I have already backed up the phone to both iCloud & my Mac. But before I erase the contents of the phone, I need to be sure that I can restore everything back onto the phone. Since I have never done this before, I have a couple of basic questions.

1. I understand that the music on my phone (I have a subscription to Apple Music) will NOT be restored from the iCloud back-up. However, since Apple Music is cloud-based, my music will automatically be restored since I have turned on Sync Music. Am I correct?

2. I have quite a few CDs on my phone that I previously uploaded from my Mac. In order to restore those CDs, do I need to store the phone from my Mac (& not from my iCloud back-up)?

Thank you so much for your help. I'm a bit nervous about erasing the phone.

Rich B22

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Jul 24, 2019
Since your iPhone 13 is carrier locked, you can only add additional eSIMs from the same carrier that it is locked to. Since you want to add a foreign eSIM, this can only be done if your carrier allows it. Contact your carrier and tell them that you will be traveling and would like to use a foreign eSIM while traveling. YMMV.
Afaik, you do not have to wipe your phone to use a different eSIM. Although mine is unlocked, I didn't have to do anything other than add the additional eSIM last year on a European trip. The phone then gave me the choice of which to use.
Regarding your backup, I do not believe that iCloud backs up everything on your phone, so I would recommend that you do a full backup to your Mac, just in case. Check out this link on Apple support.
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