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Jan 22, 2008
Hello everyone! I missed the mini form factor, so I impulsively bought a new iPhone 13 mini (in green, the best color) from Apple and it was delivered today. I ordered my standard Spigen Ultra Hybrid Mag + ESR TGSP on Amazon, but it's not due to be delivered on Sunday or Monday. While I wait for the two products to be delivered, I wanted to get a cheap case and maybe even a TGSP. Firstly, I went to Walmart, as they usually have their Onn branded products for a great price, and they're not of the worst quality. They didn't have anything available, and the employee who I asked said they recently pulled all the 13 mini products off the shelves? Strange, but I didn't think really anything of it. So, I continued shopping, grabbed my other items and went on my way. Later this afternoon, I hopped onto Best Buy and Target's website to see if either of those stores had anything in stock and available right now, strangely, neither of them did, either? I am only posting this because these stores usually have at least a few cases available for all recent iPhone models? Heck, Walmart had a few XS cases still on the shelves?!

I know the 13 mini is not the most popular phone in the world, but what is happening? Do these retailers and the accessory companies know something that we don't? Do we think the mini is soon to be discontinued?
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Jul 12, 2015
Utah, USA
Just checked my local Best Buy and they don't have ANY 13 mini cases in stock. Doesn't seem like it's just your area.

Could be that all the accessories are being pulled to be rebadged for "iPhone SE (2023)" or the like? That would be totally out of left field, but I can't think of many other explanations for all phone accessories seemingly disappearing from stores.

I mean, heck, my Best Buy has dozens of iPhone 11 cases ready for pickup now; but zero 13 mini ones? I can't think of many other reasons why.
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Dec 26, 2021
They stock what is profitable for them to to stock. ;)
Anything else just takes up space.
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