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Oct 17, 2008
I have had my iPhone 13 Pro Max for a few days now. Coming from a 11 Pro Max I noticed a few annoying things....

1. The "3x" 77mm tele-photo lens doesn't seem to be utilised at closer distances. As when I look at the Info after taking pics it shows it was taken with the standard lens with faster aperture, looks like the file is smaller too like its been cropped in. Don't think I had this issue with the 11 Pro Max. Also being a slower lens at f2.8 vs f2.0 on the 11 Pro Max

2. Some photos taken with 3x lens are not blurry. Even though I pressed on the screen with finger to get the focus confirmed yellow square and I held the camera still. A 75-85% hit, 15-25% miss ratio roughly. With 11 Pro Max the hit rate was like 90-95%

3. Why is there not an auto-snap to 2x, as I'm finding 3x is too much for confined spaces/situations and it's tedious to get 2x spot on manually. At 2x it seems like its a digital zoom of the standard lens

4. Lag – quite often after shooting, when you tap to zoom in on the photo it looks blurry. But when you zoom a 2nd or 3rd time to check it's in focus. Why the lag? Is it due to the software processing. Surprised as I thought the these 13 Pro Max's were supposed to be quick with faster processors and more RAM...

Because of the above issues I'm looking at getting a 3rd party app, which are the best. One I'm looking at is Camera+ 2. Does this have a 2x snap to select option, and has better control of the lenses, sensor etc. What are some other recommendations

What are the best RAW editors to process ProRAW images?

Any advice/info appreciated
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