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Sep 4, 2019
Is 12mpx enough? Or should i get the iPhone 14 PRO? The images in this video is not as detailed as the images from the Samsung.
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Jun 25, 2014
Is 12mpx enough?
I don't think there is a definitive 'enough/not enough' here - it's just incremental improvements, both between generations and between the regular and the Pro.

Take photos casually, mostly in good light, to share on social media? The 14 will be great. And really, so will most high-end smart phones in the last 4-5 years. Want the absolute best and are willing to pay for it? You can certainly get a bit more detail out of the Pro, and you have more flexibility with the telephoto. Not miracles, but there is a bit more there if you are want to pay for it.

Surely wait 8ish weeks for the iPhone 15 range to come out?
Yup, definitely makes sense to hang on at this point, if only to get a better deal on an older model.


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Sep 21, 2012
Seems like images are too noisy. Even in good lighting conditions. A bit smeared looking in shadows. Like others have said, I’d wait for the 15.


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Jul 23, 2008
Hearst Castle
All I know is, the iPhone 14 Pro camera, both stills and videos, apparently is incredible. You have photography professionals with $5k and $10k camera frames, with uber-expensive lenses, saying the iPhone 14 Pro absolutely holds its own.

Camera important to you? Just spend the extra couple hundred, get the iPhone 14 Pro -- and be thankful you didn't waste $5k to $15k on camera equipment that is going to soon be obsolete.

The First Phone That Could Replace My Camera | iPhone 14 Pro

iPhone 14 Pro vs $20,000 in "PROFESSIONAL" Cameras (Sony a1 / Nikon Z9) REVIEW

iPhone 14 Pro VS $10,000 CAMERA! | YOU WILL BE SHOCKED!

iPhone 14 Pro Max vs $30,000 RED!!

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Jul 5, 2010
Central Tx
Excellent question… I’ve been a photographer since 1990 and I have gone through the transition from film to digital. I shot Nikon for years and they always used 12 mp sensors up until the D800 body which jumped to 36mp. I got tired of 12mp sensors and for me, the more MP the better. However the quality of those pixels has to be great as well. Truthfully the only way you will get the best quality from the iPhone camera is to shoot in RAW. The top video in the above thread is well made and the photographer really shows how the iPhone 14 pro compares to his canon R5. I have the iPhone 14pro Max and I use the Moment app exclusively for my RAW photos because that app gives me the best quality and I can manually focus the camera with focus peeking when needed. Best app ever. The video on the 14 pro is also fantastic because of the larger sensor. If you take a lot of photo and video then get a pro model phone. With the iPhone 14 pro, the only way you will shoot in 48mp mode is by shooting in ProRAW or using a third party app like Halide, of ProCamera. They offer the option to capture 48mp in jpeg or HEIF formats. Otherwise every photo will be 12mp. I’ve added some samples (all shot in RAW) including the Milky Way which was taken using night mode for 30” reach out if you or anyone else has questions.





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