IPhone 2


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Aug 29, 2007
Horsham, UK
I've read enough rumours about the second gen iPhone.

I'm pretty tired of it and just wanna get my hands on the current one.

9 days :cool:

Flying Dutchman

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Oct 22, 2007
That "TechbugTv.com" is crap...

I'm really sorry but for that site given earlier; I'll have to give it a MBSA*

*Major B*llSh*t Alert

Here goes
* The first feature is less touch screen you requested it, the numbers are on a keypad like a normal cell phone.
Bring back a keypad after pretty much shooting it down entirely in the iPhone Keynote? Yeah, real smart...

* Ok, the ipod on the iphone will be a little bit different. Instead of a bulit in memory (like how they have it with the current iphone) it will be more of a SD card/Memory stick.
Right... ever seen an Apple product with slots for memory cards without additional accesoires?

* Battery life is less
Not to likely, why would you have less battery, if it doesn't get 3G in your list, but alright the site says thinner so, plausible, I'd call it

* No more itunes on the iphone (There it a little different)

* No more notes feature
Breaking iTunes of from the iPhone is like ripping the tires from you car. I mean, they introduced it as an iPod/phone combo (btw, I think the site means the iPod part, there's no iTunes on iPhone (partial software taken out of the matter)). Also, notes have JUST been introduced in Leopard. More likely for them to expand rather then, well, lets say, shoot it down..

* (1) The zoom feature is differerent

* (2) The scroll feature is harder, it's a scroll bar now.

* (3) Less memory, but better graphics.

* (4) Video cam. Except crappy quality and resolutions.

1 Zoom feature shouldn't change, while its revolutionary already
2 Scroll bar? Right... lets take all the great features away from the iPhone 1G and call it iCrap 2G
3 Less memory? Everybody has been screaming for 16(/32)GB versions. And better graphics are indeed possible, but not to probable in exchange for less memory
4 Video cam might happen, but if so, I think they'll try to get something good out of it

I think this "news" has only been posted there for it to get more pageviews. Pretty stupid if you ask me


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Apr 24, 2007
Can a mod please lock this thread? Before more people start reading this obviously false and plain ridiculous rumor?
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