iPhone 2013 (5S or 6) wish list


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Aug 7, 2011
Liverpool, UK
Don't want a larger screen. Maybe 1/4 of an inch wider but 4" is fine height wise. I hope we continue to see improvement to the camera with 10MP probably coming but more importantly image stabilisation, face recognition and other functionality will be welcome. Particularly low light capability.

Maybe some form of virtual keyboard technology? Further improvements to speaker and microphone capability.

Lets hope Apple don't continue to boycott NFC.

And battery life still needs to be improved (possibly with wireless charging may mitigate this issue).

Personally, I don't care about tear drop changes to form factor. Anything else I have left out.


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Sep 16, 2012
Wider screen will never happen unless humans magically evolve and grow larger hands. Apple has already stated why they didn't make the phone wider. Virtual keyboards, while cool on a YouTube video, serve no purpose. We won't see NFC on the 5S either. Apple designs and builds phones years in advance. NFC tech today isn't mature enough for apple so there's no way it was when they started planning the 5S.

Lets be real, the 5S will include a slightly better A6 chip, maybe camera upgrades, maybe RAM upgrades, a better battery, and maybe some better network chips. Other than that they will push the 5S by limiting new software features to the 5S only.


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Nov 17, 2010
I could see the iP6 having a screen that goes to the seems but that is about it. While some here say the larger size of the droid phones is not a problem, they are the minority even on this sight. Based off a general demographic survey, people prefer the width of the iPhone.

NFC is not matured enough and mostly a gimmick. Only a handful of areas even use them, let alone work reliably and have a long enough life span for big corporations to want to pick it up. Also what NFC does for droid, the app bump does just as well for ios.

Bluetooth can do 90% of the functions NFC, except safer and 30 feet from the communicating device. Simply registering the Bluetooth signal to a store cash register could mean walking in to a store use self checkout and clicking on the mobile button and your instantly charged without pulling out your phone past your first visit ever. Or even better you could use your phone to scan as you buy and simply pick up your receipt at the front.

besides is it really that sanitary that everyone else touches a 3cm square with something that spends a lot of time touching your face...

improved battery- most likely this will be the competing subject of next year.

wireless charging is also a gimmick for three reasons. 1. The necessary components take up more space than the lightning dock. 2. it is heavily unreliable and efficiency dramatically drops with age. 3. It takes up to 2x longer to charge. Great for a case terrible for something that should last you one upgrade cycle(2 years)
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Oct 12, 2011
if they make the screen wider, they would have to make the resolution higher in order to preserve the record breaking dense "pixel per inch" retina specification.


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Sep 24, 2012
noticed a fake video on youtube with 2 things
1. finger scan on home button, as apple have bought a secuirty firm recently, this could happen.
2. something called mission control, work similar to notictaion swipe bar but controls brightness, volume etc.

then the usual, more ram, fast processor, 10mp+ cam
battery that could last 2 days under heavy use !