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    Jun 13, 2016

    Based on rumours and my calculated guesstimates only.

    Case 1: (Most likely case)


    Three new iPhones, all OLEDs, with only differences being in terms of RAM, cameras etc.

    5.28” 5.8” 6.3” approx

    Pricing Apple should keep for a lifelong monopoly:

    5.28” USD 700 and up

    5.8” USD 850 and up

    6.3” USD 1000 and up

    Pricing Apple will probably be keeping the way things are going:

    iPhone 5.8” USD 1000 and up

    The other two iPhones will be separated by a gap of:

    Minimum of USD 100 from the above iPhone
    Maximum of USD 200 from the above iPhone

    Most likely

    iPhone 5.28” USD 850
    iPhone 6.3” USD 1150
    And up

    Case 2:


    iPhone 2018 5.8” USD 1000 like now
    iPhone 2018 6.3” USD 1150-1200 and up

    iPhone 9 USD 700-750 and up
    iPhone 9+ iPhone USD 800-850 and up


    Something similar to case 1.

    Common Stuff:

    Latest by Q4 2018 (rare case Q4 2019) we should see the true successor to SE with a bezeless 5.28” body. That might be the SE 2 or even the SE 3 perhaps.

    iPhones of 2018 should probably come with 128 GB 256 GB and 512 GB space I guess. Not guaranteed though.

    Going up the first jump should be USD 100 in that case and the second jump an additional USD 150-200.

    If they still start at 64 GB then the jump to 256 GB will likely be USD 100-150. It May not stay at USD 150 if Apple feels the 256 GB variants aren’t selling as much as they could have.

    A12 should be like 25-50% faster in single threaded performance. And 75-100% faster in multi core performance.

    All new iPhones will come with 3-4 GB RAM. No home button. Most likely only Face ID.
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    Apr 17, 2011
    United Kingdom
    I think we will see atleast 1 LCD screen next year.

    I think we will see IPhone 8S or 9 and IPhone X2 and X2 plus one.
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    Sep 19, 2013
    Yep, I think apple will sell some form of the 8 design for at least another year because **** you apple customers. We have shown that we will happily put up with the same design for 4 years all while apple increase the price steadily over that time.

    They will probably have 8S/+ or even call it the 9 so that they can claim its not an incremental update. Then they will have the XS/+ as the flagship notch phones. Expect the £1000 price tag for the updated X to remain and the X+ to be a few hundred more.

    Honestly I can't think of the last time apple surprised me in a good way with any of its product pricing. The airpods are competitive in price but everything else is just a bit of a joke.
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    Dec 21, 2016
    I hope Apple will be sensible and price next year’s phone at the same price the iPhone 8 is today. It’ll hopefully be like the X in design but with the newest processor.
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    Jun 28, 2017
    An iPhone SE getting a 5.2” Display, or anywhere near that would be completely illogical, going directly against the entire purpose of the existence of the iPhone SE. the iPhone SE is specifically available because it has a screen which is small enough for the average human to reach their thumb clear across it, and secondarily so the device is narrow and short for a more easily held and handled experience.

    Two factors must remain true to the iPhone SE if they decide to continue it:

    A. No greater than a 4.3” Display
    B. A width that is equivalent to the current width

    It matters not that you could remove the bezels of the SE akin to the iPhone X, because that immediately defeats the primary purpose as I said above. You instantly take the ability for the user to reach the entirety of the display, away.
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    There is no chance that will happen. I did personally believe that next year would be 2 OLED devices, adding the Plus-sized, and the X would drop $150, while the Plus-sized would then start at $999, but we’ve since seen reports that Samsung may remain the only supplier of OLED panels until early-mid 2019, so it seems unlikely Apple will be able to reduce the price much, and questionable whether they’ll even have the supply to make a Plus-sized OLED next year, although I believe they will whether or not they have adequate supply.
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    Jun 13, 2016
    A 5.28” bezeless phone will be equal to a 4.3” phone with bezels.

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