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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by one1, Oct 31, 2008.

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    I have a slightly different question than the people trying to cheat their way into a cheaper rate plan.

    I have turned off 3g in boss prefs, I do not want to use it at all. I'd like to take a test run with my 3g phone to see if I like the way it holds up and feels since it is wider and slightly deeper, plastic-y and such. Just get a feel for it and see if I like it more than my 2g.

    So if I pop my sim from my 2g iphone in with 3g turned completely off on the 3g and I am not attempting to draw 3g bandwith, should I get away with using my iphone 2g ATT sim (on iphone 2g plan) without being bumped to another rate plan just because it is a 3g PHONE? I'd think with 3g turned off and not drawing it, they'd have no reason to complain.

    Anyone actually done this?
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    3g on/off doesn't matter ATT knows what phone is on their network. You can probably use it for a couple of months without a problem.

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