IPhone 3 Shutting on and off repeatedly on its own

Stormy Night

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Sep 28, 2012
Well, my Iphone 3 was finally elligible for the IOS 6 update, so I went ahead and installed it. At the end of it's installment, it completely shut off and showed the logo to plug into ITunes. I went ahead and did that, and after a little trouble, my computer finally read it and gave me the option to restore it for some reason. My phone wouldn't do anything else, so even though it would most likely reset everything, I went ahead and clicked restore.

After a 45 minute process, it finished, and I unplugged it and restarted my phone. As I did this, it showed the apple logo. After a few seconds, the screen did a weird glitch and shut off. A few seconds later, it started itself up again and repeated this. To this minute, it is shutting on and off and showing a weird glitch before turning off. I timed it, and when the logo is shown, it is visible for about 6-8 seconds before glitching and shutting off.

Does anyone know what's wrong with it or how I can fix this? It's pretty freaky because I'm not even touching it, and it's turning on and off. And I need my phone tomorrow.

I'm not sure if this is important, but I had to delete a few apps to make room for this update (It requred 2.1 GB space), and after my phone downloaded IOS 6 (Before I plugged it in), I went ahead and got back some of the apps I deleted. After I did that, I left my phone alone for a while and when I picked it back up it had the apple logo with a loading bar under it. I really wasn't sure what that was for because I believed it was done downloading IOS 6. After that loaded, my phone went into the logo to plug it in.

I've had the phone since April, so it's not like it's growing old or anything. Unless Iphones age fast. I don't know. I would just like some answers please :)