iPhone 3G 4.2 crashing

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    Jun 16, 2009
    I have an iPhone 3G jailbroken phone that was jailbroken with PwnageTool and is running 4.1, without multitasking enabled.

    Most things run fine, but lately it is crashing. The OS sometimes itself reboots, and some apps, like HootSuite, are crashing. I have the "System" app that is supposed to free up memory but it crashes too. Other apps do run though.

    Here is the report from the CrashReporter directory. It is from the LowMemory<datetime>.log file:

    System <b4a68c1dd954e4efe511d9d184ddf470> 15994 (jettisoned) (active)
    installd <44247ae093fe84a2d931238078b64603> 303
    MobilePhone <6d3241e15be58311a76700272febc6d4> 715 (jettisoned)
    lsd <641da9a89f831204a623ab3301737aea> 161
    apsd <42932906189ea8d5a21a2adf7e1cdbfa> 225
    notifyd <27d8c4475571c65db7929769539763d5> 73
    BTServer <176cd60309823ab40828bb300168e740> 208
    CommCenter <6e193d8444010526b12945902fee8596> 473
    SpringBoard <4e795f34878c966b35772b5044f91135> 2443 (active)
    accessoryd <6a25188f645a24b167cda5e0a86d486a> 135
    configd <59e3e016220c253ea3ce18ace3a86422> 393
    dataaccessd <4a7c692401b95765dcba92ad1b9c219d> 466
    fairplayd.N82 <3a72cddfcda627625ac7027fc3665029> 93
    mDNSResponder <6ef26135ac692dacd731ae94d6b476c7> 184
    mediaserverd <69d971ae7cbfd31a209fc63346cce838> 481
    lockdownd <42ea439c07a218fb5a02413cb2474f83> 341
    syslogd <e21a322ec8db70d1347e2093cb1110bd> 83
    sbsettingsd <e9a2c6b3c8a722b2bae7541bb247b81d> 150
    launchd <54436c3c7133f81855e7db956cc4a59a> 93

    In iTunes it tells me I have 4.4 GB used and 2.4 GB free. Don't think this should matter much as it is separate memory space--not sure how much the iPhone needs for a swap file though.

    Thanks for any help,
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    Jun 16, 2009

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