iphone 3g black 8gig newbie HELP!!!

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    May 6, 2009
    hey please be patient with me as a know this question had been answered a billion and one times before, i just cant seem to get directly to them

    So here is the deal I got my iphone a couple of days ago the person i got it from told me that is was jailbroken but not unlocked. So i go and get a sim card adapter and everything was workin fine until recently. I cant get any data service unless im using wifi so i called tmobile(my carrier) and asked them for help, a tech told me that i need to get to my apn setting and change it to internet2.voicestream.com, but i cant get to the apn setting on my phone, the cellular data network option vanished, i tryed installing the apn editing from cydia which is on my phone but nothing. umm my iphone is using software 2.2.1 and is a 3g right now im using a sim card adapter

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    You should download the baseband downgrader in cydia, and then download and install yellowsn0w. that will unlock the phone for you, so you don't need a sim adapter.

    For apn settings go to Settings>General>Network>Cellular Data Network. :)

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