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    Sep 8, 2008
    Ok, firstly, just for introduction, i own a iPhone 3G and there are some problems. (since i'm new to it) I need to send files (e.g musics) through bluetooth to another handphone (e.g nokia phones etc.) or my computer. And i can't seem to allow the recipent to detect my iPhone. Is there anyway to solve it or it just have tot be this way? I've updatted to 2.1 and jailbroken.

    Secondly, i used wifi to download apps from cydia, and my service provider charged me for it. So, to play safe, i've decided to take out my sim card while using wifi. Also, i've found out that if i take out my sim card, and use edge to surf the net or download things, will it be possible? (since withtout the sim, my service provider can't charge me for the data tranfer right? Or is there another way to charge me?) Just curious and troubled... Any help is good. Thanks in advance, all!!
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    Bluetooth: Not possible. The iPhone's Bluetooth can only be used with a headset, not for sending files.

    WiFi: Your carrier should not charge you for using WiFi. Turn on Airplane mode then turn on WiFi (normally for airline wifi usage). You will get 'No Service', but WiFi will work. And you cannot use GPRS, EDGE, or 3G without a SIM. Your iPhone will basically be a thick iPod touch without the SIM ;)
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    Sep 8, 2008
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    Hi there,

    It's been a long while since I visited here, I think I can help with this problem.

    I found this to be solid source of knowledge about the iPhone 3g blutooth problems, they probably have the answer to your problem.

    Wish you good luck,

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