IPhone 3G - Cannot return using the home button after a lock

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    Aug 9, 2012
    Hey everyone. So the other day my aging iphone snapped and entered the famous recovery loop. I restored it to an original 4.2.1 version ( The same I had before ) and since then every time I lock the device with the lock button , I cannot return with the home button after one minute or so. Also , everything was abnormally slow and the phone would sometimes freeze. In addition to that , the battery would also run out quickly.

    I assumed that a process was working in the background and was heaving on the RAM , but I restored it again and did some optimizing and the slowness disappeared completely , so is the battery draining , but the lock thing is still and issue.

    This lock thing strangely does not happen while the device is charging or connected to an outside outlet. Could it be the battery? It was just fine before the recovery mode thing , I can't see how it could have been damaged like that so quickly.

    Another thing worth adding is that my IPhone was JB'ed previously , and I tried reviewing the issue with and without a JB , the same result.

    Other than that though , the iphone works absolutely fine , i'm really confused and I seriously have no idea what to do next. :confused:
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    Aug 9, 2012

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