iPhone 3g case to look like iPhone 4??

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by seantaylor21, Dec 25, 2010.

  1. seantaylor21 macrumors newbie

    Dec 25, 2010
    Has anyone come across a case for the iPhone 3g that makes it appier to be a iPhone 4? This is for people that cannot afford a iPhone 4, because their carrier does not want to sell the iPhone 4. Has anyone come across this yet? I've been doing a bit of research and have come up with nothing
  2. Rajani Isa macrumors 65816

    Rajani Isa

    Jun 8, 2010
    Rogue Valley, Oregon
    Well, we had one that worked the other way... but no 3G/3GS to "fake iphone 4" cases.

    For one, it would be bulky and THICK as the iphone 4 is smaller.

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