Iphone 3g comm board problem. Repairers advice please

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    After just having replaced a cracked screen for my little brother one of his mates has stolen then phone, for some unknown reason opened the phone, and since he did not know what he was doing he has ripped the screen off after unscrewing the bottom screws. Ribbons 1 and 2 survived but clearly shown in the attached picture the ribbon 3 which was latched in has been ripped completely off the circuit board. So now i have to get a comm board which works and install that. my question is do you know where i could get one or even better if one of you have a broken iphone (screen or something) and wouldnt mind selling me one that. please only make a comment if you know what your talking about. i have searched through ifixit and ebay for a comm board (and many google searches) but to no avail. thank you in advance.

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    I have found many iPhone 2G communication boards but none for iPhone 3G. I don't think the iPhone 2G board would work but you could contact a place like Mission Repair to see.


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