iPhone 3G Craziness: No SMS, E-mail won't show up, Streaming/Syncing Issues

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    Apr 30, 2010
    I got my first iPhone 8 Gig 3G in December of 2008. It was working totally fine until several months ago, when all of a sudden, non-Apple apps would fail to load, and my phone randomly thought my sleep or home buttons were being pressed when they weren't.

    I took the phone to the Genius bar at my nearest Apple store, they saw that the problems I'd outlined were actually happening, and they gave me a refurbished iPhone 8 Gig 3G, which I then restored with the backup I had saved on my MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2 revisions ago).

    The phone worked fine for several months, but in the past month it has started to act really strangely. Here's a list of what's it's doing now:

    1.) No SMS: I cannot receive any text messages, and when I try to send one the SMS app crashes. This weekend, I was somehow miraculously able to text all day on Sunday, but after that the app stopped working again.

    2.) Can't See E-Mails: When I sync my e-mail accounts in the Mail app, I see the text that says how many messages I have and how many new unread messages I have, but none of the actual messages show up.

    3.) Can't Stream from iTunes Store: I can't stream podcasts from the iTunes store on wifi or 3G anymore.

    4.) App Syncing/Purchase Transfer Problems: I've wanted to delete a rather large app I have on my phone (Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars) to free up some space, but I haven't been able to transfer the purchase from my phone to my MacBook Pro. Every time I try to sync the purchases from my phone, the progress just gets frozen at the very beginning and nothing seems to happen.

    5.) Cannot Sync: As of just a few days ago, my MacBook Pro will recognize that I have the iPhone plugged in, but it says it cannot sync due to an unknown error.

    6.) Memory Problems?: Whenever I plug my iPhone into iTunes, there is usually an orange portion of my memory bar that is labeled "Other," but sometimes when I plug the phone in, this orange "Other" partition disappears and is just bundled into the "Apps" portion. Also, since my phone is pretty full, I deleted several albums worth of music off of it in order to put other music onto it, but after this, iTunes said there was only room for ONE more song. Something's not adding up.

    I've tried restoring the phone to factory defaults through the settings of the phone itself, choosing the option that doesn't delete any data. After doing this once, I was able to text and see my e-mails again, but the SMS and Mail apps soon stopped working. I've also turned my phone on and off from Airplane mode, as I've heard that's a quick fix for SMS/Network problems, but it didn't help.

    Basically, I'm wondering if it's A.) a software problem, B.) a hardware problem with my iPhone, or C.) a problem with my MacBook Pro. I'm starting to think that it's a problem with my computer, seeing as the previous iPhone I had also had some problems. The only major thing wrong with my MacBook Pro that I can tell is that sometimes when I'm using it, the screen will just temporarily shut-off and then come back on a few seconds later. I also noticed one time that the function buttons were pretty delayed in doing what they were supposed to (would hit pause, song wouldn't stop for a good 20 seconds), but that hasn't happened for a while. Maybe it's a problem with the backup I had saved on my MacBook and I need to just TOTALLY wipe the phone and start from scratch? I am worried about doing that, since I've purchased some apps on this new phone that, like I mentioned earlier, haven't been able to be transfered to my MacBook Pro, so I'm worried that if I did a full wipe I'd lose these apps...

    So, any suggestions? I'd really appreciate any ideas, it's extremely frustrating having a nearly less than halfway functioning iPhone!
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    Feb 18, 2008
    Restore as new phone, forget the backup.

    Use a New sim card?

    Have you tried this stuff?
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    Restore in DFU mode and setup as new. If that doesn't fix it return it.

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