iPhone 3G faulty screen

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    I'm looking for some advice please. Here is a recording of my wife's iPhone 3G. Today when she got it out of her bag the screen was as can be seen in the video. The phone appears to be working fine 'behind the scenes' as I can make it do certain things as in the video. The phone will sync/ backup etc so the motherboard isn't dead or anything.


    The crack on the screen was done at least 3-4 months ago, and has never caused her a problem, so i'm not convinced it's to do with that.

    I took it apart, removed connectors 1-3, reconnected them and still get the same problem.

    I'm looking for some advice as to what people think may be the problem please. Is it most likely a dodgy LCD screen? Connector 1 appears to be fine, and seems to click into the mating connector fine. If i can replace just the lcd screen it might be worth fixing, if not it may be bye bye iPhone.
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    I believe the LCD is damage. So, you just need to replace a new LCD on it. Since the digitizer is cracked, just replace that as well. As you indicate, connection 1 is for LCD, connection 2 is for digitizer and connection 3 is for earphone. This replacement should not take long.

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