iPhone 3G firmware 3.01 - 3rd party chargers

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by zimagold, Sep 6, 2009.

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    Sep 30, 2007
    The 3G charging issues I've experienced have been maddeningly frustrating. Fine, I understand Apple wanting to sell their overpriced accessories, but going out of your way to make your phone not compatible with a standard USB power port just isn't cool.

    Here's what I've been testing with and the results:

    4xAA battery holder, with female USB out: With 4 rechargeable AAs, I used this with my 2G iPhone on long trips and it was my favorite accessory. It was only $7 shipped on eBay. On the 3G, it charges/sustains the phone when the battery is about 75% or higher. When the phone's internal battery is below this level, it refuses to acknowledge the external juice. WTF? This happens with freshly charged NiMH AAs, alkaline, or even a combination of NiMH and alkaline (to get as close to 5V as possible - 1x1.5V + 3x1.2V = 5.1V). Last night, I drained the phone down to about 90%, then charged it back up to 100% with the device. No problem. I hate intermittent issues.

    99 cent USB car charger: This thing has a female connector to the car socket. Rated 5V, 1000mA - the exact specs needed for iPhone 3G charging. Similar problem - sometimes the phone recognizes it and charges, other times, nothin' at all. I haven't experimented with this as much since I don't spend that much time in the car. Frustrating! Especially when using Tom Tom which is a real battery hog.

    $3 composite video out cable: Worked perfectly on the 2G. With the 3G, you get audio but no video. Did some research and replaced the iapd file with the hacked version - it now works perfectly. Screw you Apple!

    I'm interested in experiences of others with 3rd party accessories - chargers in particular. Yes, I know I can just go out and buy the official stuff, but I won't. It's a matter of principle, not money.
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    Jan 17, 2009
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    I use all kinds of 3rd party chargers and haven't experienced any changes since upgrading.

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