iPhone 3G GPS (just coordinates) while traveling internationally?

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  1. nuncvendetta macrumors newbie

    Sep 6, 2008
    I just downloaded an app that allows me to access the iPhone 3G's GPS data without having to download maps (like latitude and longitude, elevation, speed, distance traveled, etc.). I would like to use this latitude/longitude feature while doing some backpacking in an international country (with hard copies of detailed maps with GPS plots). I would also like to avoid using ANY data (or voice for that matter) while overseas to avoid the hefty charges.

    However, GPS does not function in airplane mode. If I leave the phone to pick up the GPRS/EDGE network, it will data bleed and cost me money even if I don't access any features, right? I hear the "turning off data roaming" function doesn't even prevent that for whatever reason. Is it true that as long as one's phone is on but not in airplane mode, there will be data bleed to some extent that will cost me a pretty penny? Is there any way for me to do this without removing the SIM card?
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    Jun 15, 2006
    turning data roaming off does exactly that. In case you're in roaming it does not use any data. If it does, then it's Apple fault and therefore your operators fault (since they're selling you an iphone with an option not to use data while roaming that does not work as advertised).

    I will use that option next month when I travel to the Netherlands.

    Out of curiosity; what program is that you mention in your post?
    I've been using path track lately.
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    Jul 13, 2008
    Ok here i have one better :) fallow this


    There you have it no internet access until you want to re-enable it :)
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    Sep 6, 2008
    Actually, I think you're correct that the "turning data roaming off" will work. I was reading stories about people who had problems when they traveled to Bermuda, but by some stroke of genius one carrier in Bermuda happens to use the same Mobile Network Codes (MNC) that the U.S. does, so the iPhone thinks it's being used domestically. Whoops! At least for the country I've traveling to, I've verified that the national carrier there uses a "foreign" MNC.

    The program I just installed for GPS coordinates is called TrackThing Lite and was available off the Apps Store for free (I think it was just released within the past couple of weeks). I just needed a small download and it seems to serve my purpose very well.
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    Aug 5, 2009
    iPhone 3G GPS co-ordinates internationally

    Hi, I was very interested about your posts, and wondered what the up-shot of it was? Did turning off data roaming work?
    I want to travel in a few weeks with the phone to do blog updates - there is a great combo of plugins for wordPress that allows you to email co-ordinates to your blog and have it displayed a) as a single post map and b) display all map posts on a single map.
    What I want to do is record the latitude and longitude data with a minimum amount of data exchange. Then get to a wireless hotspot and let that do all the heavy lifting for sending etc.
    It'd be great to hear of your experience with it.


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