iPhone 3G GPS & Wifi - Weird Solution

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    This Is A Weird Solution To WiFI & GPS Problems
    Some Devices, Can't Get Any GPS Satellite's And No WiFi Networks..

    Hello, today i may have a solution for you that have the same problem as me. This Post Maybe very long because i have a lot to cover with you. I'll try to order this chronologically so it's easier to understand.

    For a Quick overview please look at the Photo's Attached.

    First of all, i started off with iPhone 3.1.2 on the 5.11.07 Baseband. Unlocked Using Blacksn0w. Ever since upgrading to that baseband from the 4.26.08 (On accident) Ever since that, getting a good strong WiFi connection seemed impossible, same goes for even finding the Network i would like to connect to.

    Second of all, Since Yesterday (21st June 2010) The release of iOS 4, i downloaded it as soon as i could jailbreak it, as you may already know, The unlock is not anything like 'blacksn0w' it is ultrasn0w. Which i never had problems before when i was on the 4.26.08 Baseband. So i went ahead, downloaded & updated to the 4.0 Software, Officially Activated my phone with a Free Pay & Go o2 sim card i have. Jailbroken it using the redsn0w 0.9.5 beta 5. Enabled Multitasking & Backgrounds. Run Cydia, Done an upgrade for cydia (though that probably done nothing) Downloaded the New ultrasn0w 0.93 that had been released earlier. Then instantly i had something come up on iTunes 'Carrier Update' so i thought that's a good thing because the last time i saw that i knew it indicated the iPhone was unlocked. Though i was wrong :(. Anyway i didn't think anything of it.

    Then after doing all the above. I was ready to settle down install my apps,music etc. I Put my 'Three' Sim card in, another carrier update popped up? Downloaded & installed it. Noticed something different after this, Before when using blacksn0w it just showed 'Carrier 5.0' In The Settings>General>About. Now it showed ' 3 UK 7.2 ' Which mean's i have no problems setting up the internet APN settings, tethering, or get that annoying pop-up while trying to make a call.

    I was still unaware of what else that carrier update MAY have done to my phone. i was happy that it had done everything else. Also before we start the next stage of finding the solution, because of my WiFi problem i usually just stay on 3G as i have an unlimited Data Plan.

    Ok so later that night, few hours after the carrier update. I had tried to connect to WiFi for SSH Purposes, No Luck, Turned the phone off, and back on again, straight away found all 3 Of my home networks. i just thought i was lucky and didn't really think anything of it, then went to bed as it was late.

    Now Today, as i came home tonight from being out, i had sat outside in the Summer sun! and thought why not try and connect to WiFi, There you go straight away found all the networks in my house and others around me. So i thought i wonder if the GPS has also been fixed, i started up the ' MotionX GPS' Application, and i had my doubt's when i saw 'Triangulation Only' because thats what it usually said when it didn't work. But i gave it a few seconds and i started to see results!

    But then weirdly, my phone froze, so i done a soft reset ( held power & Home button) Phone came back on and i had nothing no WiFi Or GPS.. i was really disappointed, 10 Minutes later i thought, why not try again, and again it works! and ever since that, has been working right up until now * Touch Wood* Still works as i type this.

    So in Conclusion, i think that the new Baseband, And the New Operating System, and the ultrasn0w has fixed the problem, though i can't 100% Prove it also could be pure luck..

    Sorry for the long post, couldn't make it alot shorter. I Hope it helps you and im welcome to any questions!

    Email me for any questions: lloydlewysowen@gmail.com

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    I'm confused as to what you are saying fixed GPS and wifi.
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    Sorry ill edit it now for a final conclusion, but anyway's i think, that the new Baseband, And the New Operating System, and the ultrasn0w has fixed the problem, though i can't 100% Prove it also could be pure luck..

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