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    Dec 13, 2010
    I had just got a iphone 3G for a very low price ($40) nd i decided to open it b/c i wanted to see how hard it would be to replace the back panel and so i take it apart halfway using the suction cup method and then i put it back together, the farthest i got into disassembling it was the screen off and disconnected along with wires 4,5,and 6. im not sure if i turned off the phone when i disassembled it b/c it turned on at least 3 times when i was taking it apart. but the problem is that when i put everything back together the iphone doesnt make noise,display anything (not even a white screen), or vibrate. What can i do?

    and i also removed this little bronze sticker on the inside (its one of the first things u see) :(
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    Why did you not just edit the other thread you started?

    Did you even look at the multitude of videos and tutorials out there to see how to take apart a 3G? The “bronze sticker” was not supposed to be touched. Who knows what you did by messing with that. However, when putting the phone back together, you need to be careful to make sure all the ribbons get connected. The #1 ribbon can easily come apart when putting the phone together, and that would explain why you have nothing on the screen. Anyway, go to one of the sites to learn what you are doing:


    Just googling "how to take apart iphone 3g” without the quotes will get you numerous sites.
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    Dec 13, 2010
    i read what was in the link but it didnt say anything that the bronze ribbon must be untouched but since i already threw out the ribbon what can i do?
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    Throw it away and consider what other fun things you could have wasted $40 on.
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    This might be a post of the day.

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