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    Sep 5, 2012
    I have an iPhone 3G (no S), but deactivated it years ago for a non-smart phone, so essentially I have an iTouch. I wanted to see if I could somehow reactivate it just to send text messages via iMessage. Any ideas on how to do this? Jailbreak it or something? Right now on the iPhone, I am unable to get service, even from nearby wifi areas. Any thoughts/ideas on how to make text messaging happen would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    Apr 24, 2009
    Sadly there is no way to use iMessage on the iPhone 3G. iMessage was a feature that first became available on the 3GS.

    I will say, after I deactivated mine, I turned off all the data toggles on the phone, and stuck in a dumbphone SIM card, and I have not been tacked on a data plan. You just have to make sure your iPhone never tries to access data. If it does, your service provider will detect it and add a plan on for you.
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    Sep 5, 2012
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    iphone 3g software help

    Just gotta iphone 3g. No radio icon, can't transfer a game Sims3 without jailbreaking (waiting on this). Is this phone cheaper using Wifi? i am with O2. i went to London and took pics with a disabled student and halfway through day i was on 20% battery charge! is this normal?
    Any advice will be greatly appreciated :)

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