iPhone 3G in BC (Canada) - a few simple questions

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    Aug 3, 2007

    I am now thinking of getting the 3G iPhone from the evil Rogers/Fido and it seems that the minimum price is a few cents over $75.00 a month all included from either (which makes sense cause they are the same company). I know there must be lots of folks in BC that have iPhones but the info on the Rogers/Fido corporate websites is typically misleading and somewhat incomplete. They also won't even let you ask them a question without providing your home, work and mobile phone number. :rolleyes:

    So a few questions (and remember there are probably others besides me that would like to know these).

    1) Is the 400 MB enough for average data use? (getting some email, occasionally surfing the web, YouTube once in a blue moon.)

    2) There seems to be no family plans at all. If both my wife and myself get an iPhone there is no discount at all? nothing?

    3) The "value packs" are a scam (has there ever been anything called "value pack" that wasn't?), but I assume that as long as I have someone in my address book I don't need "caller ID" to know who it is that's calling, correct? no?

    4) It is as far as I know still impossible to unlock a 3G iPhone and likely will remain so, but the guys who talk the most about this stuff (Engadget, Giz, etc.) are such poor writers/reporters and talk so much sh*t that I can't actually tell if this is true. Is it?

    5) Is there *really* any reason other than "caller ID" for the average person to need a "value pack" at all?

    6) Is there any other combination of plans that they aren't telling us about that is actually cheaper (after taxes, hidden fees, etc.) than the 75 bucks and change lowest option?

    thanks to anyone who replies.
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    Nov 5, 2007

    Currently Rogers and Fido are providing a limited time offer of $30 for 6GB of data added to any voice plan. Now I don't know if this will apply to new customers. Even if not, then just apply for a voice plan then call in later to add in the $30 data and an iPhone. Voice plans can be as low as $20. As for Value Pack, there is the $15 one which provides Caller ID, Voice Mail, 2500 SMS. IMO, SMS-ing is just as important as Caller ID, so I wouldn't call that the only thing useful for average person.

    Hope this helps.


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