iPhone 3G + JBL On Stage 2 Music Dock

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by danp, Jul 26, 2008.

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    I just upgraded my original iPhone to the 3G model. Pretty happy with the device in general, but somewhat annoyed to see Apple have compromised charging support for a number of existing dock-connected accessories, including my JBL On Stage 2 Music Dock.

    Thought I'd share my experiences with the On Stage 2 in case any other forum readers benefit from my findings.

    Although the dock doesn't offer a charging voltage to the iPhone 3G through its own AC adapter, it *does* if you use the dock connector pass-through on the back of the device. I'm assuming JBL just pass-through all the pins as-is, including whichever charging pins Apple have deprecated support for.

    So if you want to charge and listen to the music at the same time (which is really the point of these devices, after all) simply plug your dock connector in to the back of the On Stage 2 and either connect it to a USB port or your wall adapter. Bingo.

    This does mean you'll potentially have to use 2 wall sockets to get it working but I find that a little easier to justify than splashing out on a new music dock.

    Extra bonus; if your phone is operating in 3G mode you don't get the same GSM interference through the speakers that the original iPhone created.
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    I would post this here, you will probably get more feedback. :)

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