iPhone 3G Photos Not Showing (not recognized as a camera)

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    Hi there, my mother recently upgraded from an iPhone 3G to an iPhone 4S and with it, she has over 400 photos she wants transfered to the new phone.

    My problem is that while the 3G is being recognized in iTunes (and even properly doing a manual sync), its camera, and therefore photos, are not being recognized by the computer. I've tried connecting the 3G to both a Windows and Mac computer and the same problem persists no mater what software I use: Image Capture, iPhoto, Picaso, HP Image Zone, etc. I generally get a message that explains that "there is no camera or scanner connected". I also can't even manually follow a path of folders that will lead me to the pictures — the only thing that ever recognizes the 3G as being a connected device is iTunes.

    I've tried turning the iPhone on/off — I noticed that my own 1st generation iPhone's photos weren't being recognized as well and this did the trick but still no luck for the 3G. The only support articles I can find suggest adding the 3G as a "imaging device" on Windows (control panel -> Scanners and Cameras) but it's nowhere on the list. As mentioned earlier, iTunes is absolutely the only software that even realizes the 3G is connected.

    The only thing I can think of is that I know my mom didn't regularly use iTunes with her iPhone, so it hardly ever got synced to a computer. I believe a few of the photos on her 3G were synced from our desktop folders, so those may have been the only times.

    At any rate, I am at a loss and have no idea what to do. I tried calling Apple but they deemed this an issue that would need to be taken care of with an Apple Care service — which the 3G being out of warranty means having to pay $29.99 for troubleshooting assistance, no thanks...

    Help would be so greatly appreciate it. Let me know if any additional information is needed.

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    This may be a hardware issue, I can't say for sure.

    However, try this: open iPhoto and see if you can sync from there.

    On my computer the sync is set to work through iPhoto, not iTunes.

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