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    Aug 2, 2008
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    Morning all,

    On Tuesday the phone started having problems making, then receiving calls. It kept saying "call failed" and the previously full reception would go down to the minimum one bar. The screen would also freeze for a number of seconds while this was going on. I phoned a colleague and his phone was ringing but my phone still said "call failed". I thought it had sorted itself out on Friday when I received AND made a call, but next day it was back to messing up.

    SO, yesterday I took it into the O2 shop in Leeds (I didn't buy it from there) and explained the problem. They basically took it off me to return to Apple and said I'd get it back in roughly 7 days, then they gave me an old Nokia courtesy phone.

    That seems like good service, so I just posted this as I wondered what other people had done in similar circumstances.
  2. DPA macrumors 65816


    I would've asked for a refurbished iPhone as a courtesy phone but I overall it sounds like good service. An Apple Store would've given you an iPhone.:)

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    Yeah, you should've gone to an Apple Store. They would have replaced it there and then. ;)

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