iPhone 3G screen cheaper quality then original iPhone?

Discussion in 'iPhone Tips, Help and Troubleshooting' started by the1payday, Aug 7, 2008.

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    I've had the iPhone 3G since it was released and prior to that I had the original iPhone since it was released. Is it just me or does the iPhone 3G seem to have a cheaper quality screen then the original. The reason I'm asking is, with my original iPhone, I constantly had it in my pocket with keys, coins, etc...and I never got a single scratch on screen. I had it for a little over a year and the screen was still in amazing condition even after having it that long. My new iPhone 3G that I've had for not even a month, has got THREE scratches on the screen already. Three. It's ridiculous. Has anyone else had problems like this? Also while I'm on the subject, what is the best screen protector to buy in everyones opinion? I don't want a full blown case, just a screen protector, and preferably one that isn't extremely noticeable or tacky looking. Thanks.
  2. ankushpatel macrumors regular

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    Anti-Glare screen protector for 3g available via apple store, best in my opinion and others as u will see the reviews.
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    Sucks buddy..Don't keep your phone in your pocket with keys!

    I'd say the power support crystal film is probably the way to go. (if you want your phone to look as if it doesn't have a screen protector on it.) There are also some threads about the films inside the DLO Jampack?... they seem to have gotten good reviews.
  4. hkftw macrumors member

    Jul 18, 2008
    The PS crystal film is great and you won't even know it's there.
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    This is absurd. If you put any polished device in your pocket, it's going to scratch. Rather than take responsibility for your bad choice, you question the quality of Apple. I'm sorry your phone is scratched, but it has nothing to do with Apple.
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    Sep 13, 2006
    This is obviously user error. It boggles my mind why anyone would put their phone withy keys, coin, etc. Why even risk scratching your screen like that? Don't pants these days come with more than 2 pockets? Why not just put the phone in one pocket and keys/coins in the other. Problem solved.
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    I am shocked that anyone is surprised that glass and plastic will scratch when put in a pocket with METAL keys????? :confused: :eek: :confused: But anyway, I use the anti glare screen protectors. You can tell that there is a screen protector on, but the plus side is that you don't see fingerprints. :D

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