Iphone 3g Sms Error Sending Text Message

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  1. serafox macrumors newbie

    Feb 1, 2009
    hi, i have an iphone 3g and whenever i try to send a text message the loading bar goes to almost 90% then it stops and gives: "Error Sending Message", some people on the web tells about dialing the SMS Center Number from the Service Provider, but is this reliable or is there any step by step t/s step to perform??
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    Have you tried a reboot, hard reset, and/or restore?

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    Oct 26, 2008
    Can we ass USA?
    Does it not send to every number you try?
    Can you send yurslef a SMS?
    have you tried manually entering numbes in, omitting - or spaces,
  4. jeffgilchriest macrumors newbie

    Mar 26, 2002
    SMS iphone "Sending Messaging Error"


    I just went through a major nightmare with this same error on my 2G iPhone. Essentially, neither AT&T customer service, Corporate-Owned AT&T Store personnel, low level AT&T Tech Support, Apple iPhone regular Customer Support or Apple lower-level Technical Support could figure it out. AT&T software seems to be the most suspect. The iPhone worked perfectly except for Text and had worked just fine since I opened my iPhone acct in 2007.

    After numerous soft-restores, a full restore (with or without restoring back-up), pulling and resetting the SIM card nobody had an answer. I restored the iPhone as a NEW iPhone for an existing account, but that didn't work.

    I did replace the SIM card (at AT&T suggestion and their supervision) BUT THEN AT&T's system could not activate the iPhone through iTunes at my Mac at home or through AT&T's PC based iTunes inside an AT&T corporate store. It finally took someone from a high level Apple Product Support to force the system to activate my iPhone at his workstation (His name was Steve M.). I then could activate the iPhone through iTunes inside the AT&T store. Everything worked again. It took about 6 hours of phone conversations, two 1/2 hours inside an AT&T store working on the problem with four reps and over an hour on the phone with Apple Tech support, at least twelve AT&T phone support people, four Apple iPhone support people, and three days of hardwork.

    I must say the high level AT&T people and the high level Apple people are marvelous. It just takes a lot of patience to find the right people.

    I did lose Visual Voicemail as a side-effect of all this monkeying around, but that likely will not affect your 3G. I still have not gotten it back despite several high-level AT&T Tech Support people working hard on that problem (sort of. They have not yet followed-up they had promised to do on Saturday)

    It is NOT a hardware issue. It happened without any apparent cause. I had been on iPhone version 2.2.1 for two weeks prior, was already using iTunes 8.02 and the problem cropped up before the Carrier Update issued last week.
    My account with the iPhone had existed since 2007.

    My best to you. Hope my trial can send some clues to others with this problem that appears to be on the rise.
  5. Inosms macrumors newbie

    Mar 30, 2009
    i'm getting an error message that say's "ERROR SENDING MESSAGE" on my iphone 3g. but yesterday, everything works well, it only started today. i can still receive and make an outgoing call, i can also receive sms, the only prob is i can't send a sms.

    things that i have tried:

    1. reset all settings
    2. use other sim
    3. change the message center number according to this site --> http://www.macgeekblog.com/blog/archive/2008/09/17/iphone-sms-error-sending-message.html
    4. reboot my iphone
    5. there is no prob with regards with my sim because i've tried to use other phone with my sim and i can send a sms.
    6. clear all conversations
    7. delete all messages in my phone

    pls help ....
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    Apr 26, 2011
    hi i am having the same problem i know this post is from awhile ago were u ever able to fix it ? thanks

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