iPhone 3G Urgent Help. Phone works without the display but doesn't with it :S

Discussion in 'iPhone Tips, Help and Troubleshooting' started by Sashank, Aug 17, 2010.

  1. Sashank macrumors newbie

    Aug 17, 2010
    Hi, I just joined this forum and I have a problem which doesn't seem to appear anywhere on the net as far as I have looked up. Okay, so I have an iPhone 3G, which was working fine until one day when I found it, in my pocket, on the apple logo and then it switched off and then again it showed the apple logo and then switched off again and it kept repeating this process. I guessed it was the power button as it had already giving me problems. I thought it was stuck so I decided to take the iPhone apart to fix the button. I had prior experience with iPhone 2g but had only seen how to take an iPhone 3g apart. The problem is my iPhone was still restarting again and again when I took off the LCD/Display and the wires numbered 1,2 and 3. After disconnecting those wires I guessed it wasn't a good idea to do it myself as I didn't own the iPhone, it was my cousin's iPhone an I was just using it, and also that I should make sure the iPhone is completely switched off before I try to do anything with the logic board. So halfway through I tried to connect the wires again and had problems in connecting the wire 3. After a numerous tries I finally connected the wires and tried to start the iPhone but it wouldn't start. After that I took the whole phone apart and reconnected it again but it was all in vain. Somehow I found out that my phone would switch on as soon as I would connect wire number 5 as the sleep/power button was stuck. So I tried to connect all the wires except for wire 5 and connected it to my computer to switch it om. It switched on and the display and touch were all working fine for a minute after which suddenly the iPhone hung and so did my iTunes. I disconnected it and took it apart again. I then opened up the power button and fixed it and tried to put it back together again but the phone won't switch on. I then tried to connect it to the computer but it was of no use. In this process I fixed the power button but the messed the display or maybe the logic board.

    What happens is everytime I connect my phone to my computer without the wires 1,2,3 attached, the phone switches on and my computer recognizes it. But when I try to switch it on with the display attached it doesn't respond at all. Also when I connect the display after switching the phone first, it starts heating, I don't know it's the battery or the logic board but it gets really hot after a while. Any help will be much appreciated.
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    Aug 17, 2010
    So noone has a solution or a reason to what is happening and why?

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