iPhone 3G - weird problems and won't turn on

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  1. sub330 macrumors newbie

    Nov 26, 2010
    (Before you tell me to try to restore, don't worry, I will try that when I'm back at my "home" computer)

    I accidentally clicked on a link of a tourist attraction in the Facebook app this AM which then prompted me that Facebook would like to use my current location. I clicked "Don't Allow" but then it kept cycling and asking me the same question!

    So I went and reset my location settings on my iPhone...open up the Facebook app again...still prompts me for my current location no matter how many times I click "Don't Allow."

    I then exit out of Facebook and delete the app. Then I did a reset (by holding down the power and Home buttons). The Apple logo shows up...then the phone shuts down on its own. Again and again.

    I did a reset while it was on my charger and I get the iTunes and USB cord picture.

    What the heck happened? :confused:

    If I have to do a restore, I am tempted to update to iOS 4.2 while I'm at it!


    iPhone 3G
    iOS 3.1.3
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    Apr 16, 2008
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    You can restore back to 3.1.3 you dont have to go up to 4.2.1
    3.1.3 is the best firmware version for the iphone 3G IMO.

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